Monday, 21 May 2012

Narrativ:snow white

Snow white and the seven dwarfs

          Hello my name is Snow white.My mother died and my father the king married again. My step-mother jealous to me because of my beauty. She always asks her magic mirror about the fairest one of all. And magic mirror Queen is always the best answer then the Queen is very happy.
          One there is a handsome Prince. He like me to be his wife. The Queen is very angry. Then she ask the magic mirror and it’s answer is me. The Queen angry and hire the hunter to kill me and take my heart to be given to the Queen as proof.
The hunter is about to carry out his duties. But then he falls to his knees and ask my apologize, and tell the truth. He tell me to run away and never come back. I run into the woods. I is tired and then fainted. Moment later some animals wake me up and took me to a small hut for shelter due to see the cabin was so dirty, I clean it up, this work makes me tired and I will to sleep.
          While the seven dwarfs has finish its work,the dwarfs on his way home see a light in their small hut. Then they dares to enter. When they in the bedroom, the see I liying in bed one of them. Out of curiosity, they woke me and introduce themselves respectively. That is happy, sleepy, sneezy, grumpy, dopy, bashful, and doc. After that I tell about my step mother to them.
          In the palace my step-mother receive news from the hunter, and ask the mirror about who the most beautiful and mirror’s answer is me. From her mirror the Queen also know that I live in the cottage with the seven dwarfs.
          The next day my step-mother disguise herself as an ugly old woman. She appear at the cottage while the dwarfs are one their way to work. She meets me, then she give an apple which contain an evil spell. I take one bite and i fell to the floor right away, the animals that witness it hurry to tell the dwarfs about the happening. The dwarfs rush to the cottage, but it is too late. I lay on the floor. The dwarfs decide to lay me in a glass coffin.
          In the other palace, the Prince know that me no longer stay in the castle. because of that, he is looking for me. Then, he see me lay in the coffin. Then he open the lid and kisses me. I feel alive and slowly open my eyes. Only true love’s kiss can awake me. Then, the prince carry me with his white horse, and live happily in the castle forever.


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