Monday, 21 May 2012


Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

My name is Snow White. My mother has died and my father who as the King married again. My step-mother hates because of my beauty. She has a magic mirror and always asks about who the most fairest in the world. She is happy when the mirror’s reply is her.
        One day there’s a handsome prince who want to marry me. My step-mother is angry. In her rage, she order her hunter to kill me and bring my heart to her as evidence.
        The hunter want to do that. But then he fell to his knees. He ask my apologize and tell me the truth. Then he ask me to run away and never comeback again. I run to the woods and feel afraid and tired. After that, some animals wake me up and took me to a small cottage. The cottage is small and dirty. So I clean it. After doing that, I feel tired and go to the bed.
        Meanwhile, the seven dwarfs it has finish its work and go home. When they arrive, they are feel shock. And they are go to the bedroom, and shock again when see me sleep at the bed. They wake me up and introduce themselves. Later on I tell them about my step-mother.
        In the palace, The Queen receive the news from the hunter. To prove it she asks her mirror who the most pretty. The answer still me, she feel suprise. And from the mirror, she know that I live in the cottage with the seven dwarfs.
        The next day, my step-mother disguise as an ugly old woman. And she appear in the cottage when the seven dwarfs go to work. She meet me and give an apple which containe an evil spell. I am bite this and fell to the floor right away. The animals that winess it hurry to tell the dwarfs. The dwarfs decide to lay me in a glass coffin.
        In other palace the Prince know that I not stay in the castle. He is looking for me. When he see me in the coffin, he open the lid and kisses me. I open my eyes. It’s true, only true love’s kiss cab wake me. Then he carry me to his white horse and live happily in the castle ever after.


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